IntuVoicemail Business Voicemail is a complete, full-function, hosted business telephone service that delivers a competitive advantage. No additional equipment, software or upfront costs are required. There are 3 ways to listen to your messages, by email, phone, or website. Route calls from all of your phone numbers—cell, home, office, into your Intu- Voicemail system, which eliminates the need to check multiple answering systems. Have one voicemail
Never worry about missing a phone message when you are away from your home or office. Keep a history of all voice mail messages, just like you would save other important documents.
Easy setup
We can have a voicemail set up and activated in minutes, by simply calling our toll free number.
Key Features
  • Retrieve Voice Mail by email or phone
  • Virtual Office with Auto Attendant
  • Multiple Voice Mail boxes
  • Deliver to multiple email addresses
  • Toll free Number Access
  • Record Custom Greetings
  • No additional hardware required
  • No setup fees
IntuFax is way to receive faxes online and on the go. All incoming faxes are converted to PDF file format and sent to your email address. You can receive your faxes anywhere in the world. You can also forward incoming faxes to multiple email addresses at your for no additional charge. Save on the expense of a fax machine and dedicated fax lines. Never again get stuck at the office wait for a fax. Local or toll free numbers are available
Whether at the office, on the road or working from home, IntuFax provides flexibility to meet your time–sensitive project demands. With IntuFax, you can easily send, receive and share faxes any place you have access to internet.
IntuFax is a low cost alternative to a fax machine and a dedicated fax line. It is efficient and fast.
Easy setup
IntuFax is easy to setup. You can start send and receiving faxes within minutes by simply calling our toll free number.
Key Features
  • Unique and Personal Fax number
  • Access your faxes from anywhere
  • Send & Receive faxes by email
  • Receive faxes to multiple email address
  • Local or toll-free numbers
  • Online fax storage
  • Free Customer Support
  • Private and secure
  • No additional hardware required
  • Technical support
Web Hosting
IntuComm is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for business customers that value a full-service partner. From website hosting, to e-mail protection and content filtering, IntuComm helps you get the most out of your Internet access service.
Whether your company is creating its first website or you are already doing e-commerce online, IntuComm has everything your business needs to maximize your Internet presence.
Spam and Virus Filtering
Spam and Virus Filtering is available for Internet customers who host their e-mail services with IntuComm. IntuComm leverages the award-winning MX Logix E-mail Defense Service. Unlike appliances and enterprise software solutions that require integration, migration and a significant amount of ongoing maintenance, the MX Logix E-mail Defense Service is effortless and highly effective. The service includes:
  • Advanced Spam Blocking
  • Virus and Worm Scanning
  • Content and Attachment Filtering
  • Fraud Protection
  • E-mail Attack Protection
  • Outbound Message Filtering
  • Sophisticated Quarantine Management
  • Around-the-clock Monitoring and Protection
  • MX Logic Disaster Recovery Services
Packages & Features

Tier 1 Web Hosting Tier 2 Web HostingTier 3 Web Hosting
  • 50 MB Web Hosting Space*
  • FTP Administration Access
  • Domain E-mail Hosting (PowerUser Plus Package)
  • DNS Hosting
  • FTP/Admin E-mail Account
  • 250 MB Web Hosting Space*
  • Domain E-mail Hosting (PowerUser Plus Package)
  • Web Stats
  • No Contract Required
  • DNS Hosting
  • PHP
  • SSI Support
  • 500MB Web Hosting Space*
  • One Domain (see above)
  • All Tier II Web Hosting (see above)
  • PHP with MySQL
  • No Contract Required
  • CGI
  • SSL Availability***
Buisness Phone System
IntuComm offers the best of open source communication solutions, This IP-PBX solution which is proven to be the best and therefore, deployed to thousands of business sites across the globe.
Why Buy IntuComm Phone System?
Saves You Money
Buying our phone system saves you around 40-80% of your money as compared to traditional systems, it will also save you money on installation, maintenance, intra-office calling, conference calls, business expansion, and more.
Improves Employee Productivity
It also helps your employees improve productivity with built-in mobility features, instant telecommuting, Outlook and CRM integration, drag and drop calling, instant messaging, and more.
24×7 Technical Support Team:
Our technical support team helps thousands of customers every year resolve their installation, configuration, networking, and other troubleshooting problems. We are available 24x7 to support our customers on an hourly basis or for a low monthly subscription.
Key Features
  • HUD
  • PSTN Fallback
  • Web-based Control Panel
  • Conference Bridges
  • Auto-attendant (IVR)
  • Outlook integration
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Powerful reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Call center capabilities
IIntuTeleConference bridge allows you to create teleconference rooms. We can provide local numbers as well as toll free numbers for the conference room. You can conference with as many as 15 people. This is an ideal solutions for communicating with emote office staff as well as traveling staff and employees working from home.
  • Conference room is ready within minutes
  • Conference with as many as 15 personal at one time
  • Local or toll free numbers for the conference room access
  • Secure pin numbers
  • Toll-Free Access
  • International Access
  • Always-On Conferencing
  • Scheduled Conferencing
  • Customer Service