Ethernet WAN services provide high-bandwidth connectivity for site-to-site networks, business continuity, data center, storage, convergence applications, LAN extension and Internet access. Ethernet is extremely cost effective and is simple to implement and support in multi-site environments.
Robust data connectivity with Ethernet Private Line
Ethernet Private Line is a point-to-point service for high bandwidth connections (e.g. to a data center).
  • Dedicated bandwidth between sites
  • Port speeds: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Incremental bandwidth: 50, 100, 150, 300, 450, 600 or 1,000 Mbps
  • Completely transparent layer 1 Ethernet connection
  • Designed for business-critical applications
Meshed connectivity with Ethernet Switched Service
Ethernet Switched Service is a multipoint service for creating meshed internetworks across numerous sites.
  • Port-based Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) provides multipoint (any-to-any) or point-to-point services
  • Port speeds: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Wide variety of EVC speeds in 1 Mb increments
  • EVC class of service options: best effort, business critical, or voice quality
Key Features
  • Simplify your metro and regional wide area networks using familiar Ethernet services

  • Flexible, scalable, high-bandwidth interconnection for today’s real-time applications

  • Use less costly and easier to manage Ethernet-based customer premise equipment (CPE)

  • is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, providing on-site hardware and integration services

MPLS converged, multi-service and multi-site connectivity
MPLS service from is the latest WAN technology designed for multi-service and multi-site applications. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) offers a variety of access methods and speeds, plus multiple classes of service, and leverages ubiquitous IP networking to provide flexibility, scalability and ease of use.
Variety of Access
Organizations can connect their sites with ’ MPLS network using a variety of access methods and at incremental bandwidth speeds using Ethernet or TDM circuits. Access flexibility provides a cost effective way for locations of all types and sizes to participate in the MPLS network.
Multiple Sites
MPLS service is cost effective and scalable for organizations with multiple sites. Creating meshed any-to-any networks, where each site can communicate directly with every other site, can be expensive and complicated with point-to-point solutions or frame relay. Because ’ MPLS leverages IP, each site can dynamically and transparently communicate with every other site.
Key Features
  • Real time
  • Business critical
  • Video
  • Bulk
  • Best effort
  • Managed, Secure and Cost-Effective
Dedicated Internet Access
IntuComm provides business-class dedicated Internet access and related advanced services for all types of organizations. When combined with our security solutions, IntuComm helps you achieve end-to-end control and security of your gateway to public networks.
Burstable (optional)
Pay for what you use with IntuComm’ burstable Internet service. Customers choose a minimum bandwidth level and can automatically burst to full “port” speed whenever needed. Customers pay for monthly sustained usage or the monthly minimum, whichever is greater.
Fully Managed Service (optional)
We can provide a fully managed service including router, circuit, firewall, installation, configuration and periodic upgrades for one monthly fee.
Hosted Firewall (optional)
Hosted Firewall protects your sites with an advanced, powerful, stateful firewall located in our network cloud. Leverage IntuComm’ strong background in network security and this fully managed and hosted service to protect your assets, information, users and networks.
Key Features
  • Variety of high-speed connection types: T1, DS3, Ethernet , MPLS
  • Tiered and burstable connections available
  • Domain registration and DNS hosting
  • Web hosting available
  • E-mail accounts available
  • Private FTP service availableipi
  • Monitored CPE available
  • Our backbone leverages multiple, route-redundant, high-bandwidth Internet links to tier-1 providers on our SONET protected fiber network
  • Full time NOC support, 24x7x365
Data Center and Colocation for high availability applications
Ensure high availability for applications, databases, storage, business continuity and more with Enventis’ Data Center and Colocation services. Our two geographically diverse data centers, combined with our state-wide transport network, provide a resilient, feature-rich and cost effective server hosting solution.
  • Data centers in Mankato, Minnesota and Edina, Minnesota located on our fiber network with diverse physical and geographical routes to Internet POPs
  • High-speed interconnections to local, regional, national and global carriers and ISPs
  • Flexible LAN and WAN options: Ethernet, T1, DS3, OC-n, and MPLS
  • Space available by full cabinet, cabinet bay, or by the rack unit
  • Anytime access to secured facilities
  • Managed Firewall and VPN Services available
  • Service level agreements available
  • 24x7x365 NOC support with network monitoring, incident tracking and logging
  • Key Features
    • Rack Space :- Full 45U Secured Cabinet ,1/2 Rack Shared 22U, 1/3 Rack 14U - lockable Bay

    • Security :- 24 hour on-site guards, Card access entry, CCTV surveillance system

    • Electrical Power :- Fed via two separate power grids and the power plants have fully redundant A/B systems , HVAC and fire suppression systems are 100 percent backed by dual UPS systems

    • Environmental Control System :-A/C units via Liebert System 3 and McQuary HVAC ,Temperature and humidity controlled, monitored by alarms

    • Fire Suppression:-FM200 fire suppression systems ,Smoke detectors, Water detectors in all floor drains
    IP Trunking for scalable, SIP-based business-class VoIP
    IP (SIP) Trunking services allow businesses to sever the tie to the old world phone network and make VoIP phone calls directly from an IP PBX or similar VoIP-enabled device.
    SIP Trunks are a versatile and cost effective solution that delivers the benefits of VoIP while retaining your existing PBX/Key system and Internet connection for both voice and data.
    Benefits - Smart Reasons to Switch to SIP Trunks are
    • Save Money - Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local, long distance and broadband Internet services onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation.
    • Save Time- Dedicated and knowledgeable technicians, installation teams and customer support specialists assure rapid deployment.
    • Simplify - Experience the efficiency of managing a single network connection, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your local, long distance, and broadband Internet needs.
    • Protect your Investment - Preserve your existing capabilities via seamless integration with your existing SIP IP PBX system. Visit our IP PBX page to see which vendors we support.
    • Grow Your Business - When you grow, adding more SIP Trunks is easy, and happens in days, not weeks. SIP Trunks can be installed and turned up remotely so you do not have to slow down.